English Language Schools in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling

Child Protection & Safeguarding

The safety and well-being of our students is at the centre of everything we do at Hamilton School of English and we understand that this is a number one priority for parents when choosing to allow their child to attend a language programme overseas. Our "Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy" details the key principles we require all persons involved in working with our students to follow. All teachers and school staff, external group leaders and  homestay providers are required to sign up to a code of conduct that is specific to their role and involvement with the children. Additionally we have very strict recruitment processes that we follow to ensure that only suitable people are able to work in our school.

We recognise that we have a "duty of care" to the students that attend Hamilton School at all times when they are in Scotland. This starts as soon as the student arrives in Scotland and extends beyond the school premises to cover all situations in which the student is likely to be placed. Please see section 7 of the "Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy" for more details of the practical steps we take to ensure we meet our duty of care to children outside school.

» Click here to download our Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy (PDF Doc)

Teacher Recruitment & Induction

We have a strict selection process for all teachers and activity leaders and all new staff are obliged to follow a comprehensive induction programme before the courses commence. This training means that they can deal appropriately with any situation that may arise and is designed to ensure the happiness, health and security of students at all times. The induction covers issues such as security, first aid, child protection, fire drills, safety guidelines and risk assessments for activities and excursions. In addition, all our staff are subject to mandatory checks to ensure that they have no criminal record and that no reason exists to prevent them from being in contact with children.

Medical Care

Key staff on all our courses are fully trained first aiders and each location has full details of local doctors, dentists and hospitals. In the UK free medical treatment is available through the National Health Service to European Union students if certain conditions are met. However this normally involves registering with a doctor and this is a process that can take a number of months so we strongly advise all students to arrange travel insurance to cover any medical costs while in Scotland. We would also advise that adequate supplies of any required medication are brought by the student to Scotland. 

Staff on both our residential and homestay programmes have access to any information relating to individual student’s medical issues such as allergies and prescribed medication. This information is also provided, as a matter of course, to all host families.

Supervision of Students

All students on our residential programmes are supervised 24 hours per day with teachers and activity leaders living on campus. Students on our Edinburgh Summer programme take part in supervised school classes, activities and excursions during the day. On three or four evenings each week they will also take part in supervised evening activities with the school. On other evenings they will spend time with their host family and will be under their care during these times.

On the first day of their programme all students are issued with a student identity card which has a 24 hour contact number for the school, should the student have a problem of any kind. In addition the school offices are open during normal working hours which are 8.30am – 5.00pm (UK time)  should a student or family member have any queries or concerns.

Individual Students

All individual students on our residential courses are assigned an individual staff member as a mentor who ensures that they are introduced to other students and given accommodation in the same area, if possible.

On our Edinburgh Summer programme our host family accommodation is normally in a twin bedroom and in most cases students will not know their room companion before the course. We try to make sure that students staying with a host family do not speak the same mother tongue. This encourages the students to speak in English and helps to ensure that lasting friendships are formed.

Arrival and Departure

All students arriving to join one of our residential programmes as part of a group are met at their arrival airport in Scotland and transferred directly to their residence by coach. Individual students joining a residential programme can also arrange an airport transfer if they wish.

Students joining our Edinburgh Summer programme are met on arrival by their host family who will transfer them directly to their home and will also transfer them back to the airport at the end of their course. If students are travelling alone and have booked an “unaccompanied minor” service with their airline we can also arrange to deal with the arrival and departure aspects of this service on request.