English Language Schools in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling

Teaching Approach

Placement Test

On the first day of their course students will sit a short internal test to allow the classes to be arranged by ability. This allows students at lower levels to learn alongside others of the same level, without holding back those with more language experience.

Class Sizes

Classes are limited to a maximum of 16 students. This ensures that all students receive the attention they require and allows our teachers to focus on each individual in the class to make sure that no students are left behind.

Class Facilities and Resources

Our teachers have a wide range of resources available to them, including carefully selected language learning books, high quality classrooms and modern audio-visual facilities.

Course Content

The course syllabus is designed to allow students to apply their existing English language skills in a range of practical ways both inside the classroom and through activities and excursions. A course with Hamilton School of English provides a real opportunity to improve speaking and listening skills during the carefully planned lessons and activities. Additionally those students staying with host families can also practise their newly acquired skills with their hosts, during free time!

End of Course

Each student receives a progress report at the end of their course, which details the standard of English Language proficiency achieved, including suggestions for future study. In addition, at the end of all our courses we hold our very own Hamilton School of English graduation ceremony. All students are presented with an end of course certificate which is usually a proud reminder of their time spent in Scotland with their friends at the Hamilton School.