English Language Schools in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling

History & Ethos of the School

The Hamilton School of English was established by Nancy Hamilton in Edinburgh in 1983 with the aim of creating a safe, secure and happy environment in which young people could receive high standards of English tuition in a relaxed holiday atmosphere.

In 1990 Julie Darling took over the school and continued to provide an unforgettable Summer holiday experience in Edinburgh, for thousands of young students from all over the world. Over the years Julie enhanced the reputation of the Hamilton School as an ideal setting for students to practise and improve their English whilst at the same time making new friends from around the world.

The ownership of the school changed in August 2011, with Julie Darling taking a well deserved break after 21 years at the helm!  Hamilton School is now run by Global Connections (Scotland) Limited, a private Scottish family business which is owned and operated by Andrew Lennox, David Orr and Alison Orr. They also run Glasgow School of English and Global School of English - Edinburgh. Since 2012 Hamilton School has offered an extended range of programmes to complement the Edinburgh Summer programme but the ethos of the school remains the same. This is to ensure that we provide a secure and happy environment for young people of all nationalities to learn English in Scotland in a setting where lasting friendships can be made.